September 11, 2021-January 1, 2022 Deep Water Schedule

In September-January, our Deep Water small groups will focus on the Apostles’ Creed.

Click here to obtain an electronic copy of the current packet. 


What is “Going into the Deep Water with Jesus” About?

In 2019-2021, the pastors and staff of St. John’s will be emphasizing Jesus’ call in Luke 5:1-11 to “put out into the deep water and let down your nets.”  When disciples follow Jesus out of their comfort zones into deeper faith relationships and deeper engagement with God’s Word, God brings an abundant catch of fish.  What “fish” are we talking about?  1) Personal growth in faith, hope and love, and 2) congregational growth in outreach and ministry.  


Who is in the Small Groups and What Do They Do?

Regular meetings with a few other people to focus on God’s Word will be at the heart of going into the deep water with Jesus.  In small groups, we can ensure the confidentiality of what we share and challenge each other to keep going deeper in our walk of faith.

The small groups are very flexible, but we have a few recommendations:

  • Try to keep your group to less than seven people.  Pairs work great.
  • We encourage men to partner with men, and women to partner with women.
  • Try to commit, as a group, to meet according to a regular rhythm. Once a week will be ideal.

For each topic, the small groups will meet regularly and go over materials given to them in packets.  Bible study, faith discussion, outcome-based faith training, and service opportunities will all be part of the mix.


If I Can’t Find any Partners, or My Small Group Dissolves, Can I Still Participate?

Yes!  Pastor Seth and Pastor Patti are meeting with two separate Deep Water small groups every Sunday morning during the Sunday school hour.  If you are not part of a regular small group, just come to their meetings.


What If I Can’t Make a Sunday Night “Go Out from Shore” Meeting?

That’s OK.  We hope you can come them for the valuable overviews they will provide for each two-month long “fishing expedition,” but missing them shouldn’t keep you from getting and using the small group materials.  Any effort you can put into going deeper will be worth it!


Where Can I Get the Small Group Materials?

Click here to obtain an electronic copy of the current packet.  Copies will always be available in the special display in the Link (the breezeway) at St. John’s.  You can also email Pastor Seth Jersild ( for copies of materials. Just keep in mind that the packets cover many weeks’ worth of meetings, and are therefore extensive!