We are in the process of setting up our church directory on-line with a program called Instant Church Directory. This will allow each of us to access directory information on line, or to even print the directory for those of us that do not use computers. We will be able to access the directory from any computer or with an app on your smart phone. This will be free of charge to our membership.

This is a safe, password protected, way to store and access our church directory on- line. Each member will set up an account with their own username and password. Instant Church Directory only allow members who are entered in the directory and are listed as active members to have access to the directory

You can use any photo that you currently have or you will be able to have a new one taken at the church, by one of our great photographers. You can use any resolution picture and Instant Church Directory will optimize the storage for both quality and performance (and PDF file size). Instant Church Directory will store the images at a resolution of 300 dpi regardless of what resolution image is selected. Even though the program will do all the work for us, all photos should be set to highest quality print.

If you need a new photo taken by one of our members for the directory, please mark the salmon insert or email the address below, and we will contact you to schedule a time.

All photos and changes that you may have to your current listing in the directory should be sent to directorystjohnsgc@gmail.com. Please note that this email is for the sole use of the directory and may not be checked on a regular basis. If you have other business with the church, please use the e-mail addresses listed on the bulletin on Sundays. Please remember that when you send this information, make sure that you let us know who you are.

Watch the bulletin, newsletter, and website for more details on this process as it happens.

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