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Traditional Worship
6:00 PM Saturdays
8:15 AM Sundays
11:00 AM Sundays

Contemporary Worship
(Family Life Center)
10:45 AM

We have 2 different styles of worship. Our sanctuary is filled 3 times a weekend as the ancient liturgy of the church guides our worship. Hymns that have shaped the faithful for 100’s of years are accompanied by an organ; confession and forgiveness are central; we sing the Kyrie; 3 lessons of scriptures are read; and creeds and prayers are lifted up at these gatherings. This style of worship stirs the mind as the Words of scripture form its backbone.

Our other style of worship is quite different in character, but not in substance. Gathering in our Family Life Center, the 10:45 worship is lead by guitars, pianos, and percussion. The music works to engage the heart and lift up our praise. While many of the elements are similar to our liturgical service, they look and feel different. Often times this worship time includes an interactive element that offers something kinetic for our faith. It is meant to provide a hands-on aspect to our faith that sticks with you throughout the day and week.

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St. Johns Evangelical Lutheran Church
3220 Columbus Street
Grove City, Ohio 43123

(614) 875-2314

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St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran has a rich heritage dating back to 1849, one of the first congregations in Grove City, Ohio. We offer several worship services in both traditional worship and contemporary worship settings.

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