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Are you ready? Because it is here. It’s been here since Halloween. Christmas is right around the corner. We celebrate it and we bemoan it. Before the Turkey thermometer pops, the world is sprinting towards the eggnog. The church wades into this season as a time of preparation. We call it Advent. Many years, the sanctuary at church has been one of the few places where we don’t jump with two feet into Christmas before its time. We try to resist the suffocating Christmas season. And we work really hard to reclaim Christmas from that jolly guy in the red suit.

[x_custom_headline type=”left” level=”h2″ looks_like=”h4″]It is so easy for us to be consumed by Christmas that we forget to rest in the gift of Christmas.[/x_custom_headline] We rush. We overspend. We stress. We cram. Christmas easily becomes a distraction. This December season, the church calls it Advent, we want to ask some questions together to help us reclaim and reframe this time. Those questions are the same ones we learned in elementary school: When? Where? Who? What? Why? and How? (They are called the Interrogatives)

Each Sunday, beginning November 27th, we will be asking these questions. When and Where do we worship? Who do we worship? What do we worship? Why do we worship? As it relates to Christmas, these questions can bite us a little. But the aftertaste of that bitterness is Gospel Goodness!
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And, each week, we hope to provide a response to the question of How? How can we collectively and personally embrace this season in faithfulness. How can we walk together into a deeper understanding of Jesus and His presence among us? Our goal is not to “keep Christ in Christmas.” Jesus is in Christmas no matter what we do—it isn’t up to us. Our goal during this season is to open our eyes to see a little more clearly how He is present. And to walk a little more faithful along the Jesus way.

Join us for worship! Receive one of these bracelets to help learn of the power and significance of this season. And come back to worship each week to learn about the next meaning of what the bracelet contains.

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Don Allman

Pastor Don Allman has been the steady and constant leader around St. John’s for 3 decades. His faithful leadership continues to point to Christ in word and deed. He has a keen theological mind that serves as a strong ballast throughout his life and leadership. His dry sense of humor often has the staff in stitches. Pastor Don and his wife, Glenda, grab as much time as they can with their 5 grandkids.