Pre-Call Congregational Information – we are partway through the first step that is helping us prepare for the Call Process – the Pre-Call Bible Study.  St. John’s Evangelical Lutheran Church is working towards calling a new senior pastor.  While this process takes approximately 9-12 months, we are now at the second step in the process.

To assist us in preparing the congregation for the upcoming Congregational Workshop, we ask that you would take approximately 5-10 minutes of your time to answer this brief survey (mobile/tablet friendly) by July 12th.

Please click here:  Pre-Call Workshop Survey

Additional Information on the Process –

Step #1 –   To assist us on the journey and help prepare for the meeting on July 15th, we have been working through the Pre-Call Congregational Workshop Bible Study.  Additionally – we have created a tool to assist us.  Prior to visiting your small group, Sunday School class, or Bible study where the Pre-Call Bible Study is being used – take a moment to jot down your answers in this easy to use online form.  It is mobile/tablet friendly or can be done at your computer screen.  You can also use this tool to record your group’s responses during the study.  (Please note this is not required, just a tool and option that can be helpful to us as we work through the process.)  Click here to access the form:  Bible Study Questions.

Step #2 – Please see above.

Step #3 – The Pre-Call Congregational Workshop taking place on July 15th, from 10 am – 3 pm.  For more information:  Call Process.

Additional information about the Call Process, Call Committee, processing critical information, and other questions will be answered at this workshop.  You can also register for the event on Facebook by clicking here:  Pre-Call Congregational Workshop.


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