Everyone has attended at least one (or many more if you are a grandparent) basketball game or football game or hockey game or – the list is endless. And can you name the one sound that is absolutely mandatory at these sporting events? It’s not the clapping of the fans, nor the shouts, nor the bands, nor the buzzers. Can you guess what it is? A WHISTLE!! Of course.

So now guess where the OWLS are going this month? The American Whistle Factory!!! We will be traveling to their factory located at 6540 Huntley Road, Columbus. Since 1956 they have manufactured whistles used by millions of Americans across all walks of life including being used by the American Red Cross at disaster sites around the world, Boy Scouts of America and corporations that order whistles for promotional purposes and to distribute to associates and customers in order to increase awareness of personal safety issues. But, of course, their whistles are used most by individuals directing traffic, refereeing youth sports, guarding lives at public pools and found in the pockets and on the key rings of hikers and campers everywhere.

The $4 admission fee includes the tour and a bright, shiny new “American Classic” whistle. Before the 1:30 pm tour, the group will have the option of enjoying lunch at either the Old Bag of Nails or The Worthington Inn. The restaurants are located very close to each other and just a short distance from the factory. We will meet in room 102 at 10:30 am for a very brief meeting, collecting the admission fee (please bring exact change if possible) and arranging rides.

Please use the salmon insert to make your reservation or call the church office. Hope you plan now to join us.


Have you retired recently? Are you looking for a club, group, etc. to get involved in to share your love of God? The Older Wiser Lutheran Seniors at St. John’s would like to invite all members to join the fun and share the Christian fellowship at our monthly meetings. An OWL might be a little older in age but we are very young at heart. There isn’t an age requirement but you must be old enough to enjoy the friendship and fellowship of others from St. John’s. We are a very active group that meets the third Friday of every month for either a potluck lunch at the church or an outing to visit different interests around the area.