David was a young man devoted to God and family. He was a teenager who had learned over time the skill of using a stone and sling. He had spent hours practicing hitting targets. He had battled vicious predators and won. He had an uncompromising faith. In essence, David had been preparing to battle Goliath all of his life. He had in his bag (5 smooth stones) what he knew how to use… a skill he had developed over time. God brought him to this place, at this moment in time, because David had both the faith and the skill necessary to take on the giant.

David reached into his bag and pulled out one small smooth stone. He placed it in his sling. As Goliath moved forward, David swung the sling over his head. He released the stone. It hit Goliath and he fell hard to the ground. The army of Israel stood momentarily in disbelief. Then, realizing what had just happened, they erupted into shouts of victory and praise. All of David’s preparations had paid off. God had taken David’s skill and used it for His glory.
What about you? Are your ready for what God has in store for you? Are you prepared? Can you, like David, reach into your bag and pull out what you need to successfully get the job done? What skills are you developing? What are you working on so you will be prepared when the Lord places and positions you for His glory?

Our charge is not only to teach children and youth about the faith, but to provide opportunities for them to be equipped with what we call ‘faith Stones.’ Faith Stones are skills that will enable young people to develop a meaningful relationship with their Creator, themselves, and others. Faith stones are skills they develop, have in their Faith Bag, and are readily on hand to be pulled out when needed. Faith Stones are skills that can be used by God to touch the lives of others.
Outcome-Based Youth Ministry is being intentional about what Faith Stones we want accessible for our youth and doing our best to equip them with these skills.

This is an excerpt from Gary Pecuch’s book “What’s In Your Bag: Outcome-Based Youth Ministry”
You can learn more about Gary and Laurie and their ministry by visiting www.faithwebbing.com

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photo credit: 5 Stone Pebble Tower via photopin (license)

Gary Pecuch

A pioneer in the field of Youth Ministry. His visionary thinking and practical applications have blessed St. John’s for many years. He is the author of 2 books, the creative mind behind the visionary notebook, and, with his wife Laurie’s help, a consultant for youth ministry folks across Ohio and the country. Sometimes he sleeps in tree cabins. Sometimes he plays with balloons. Sometimes he wraps kids up in toilet paper. All of it is to help people grow in discipleship. You can learn more about Gary and Laurie’s relational ministry by going to faithwebbing.com