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Where your Love and Faith meet your Interests and Development.


Connecting people with people
Like a zero entry pool, Connect events allow people to ease their way into St. John’s. These events connect people to people, build relationships, and help develop a sense of belonging. Join us at a Connect event to wade in to our community’s life.


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Learn to go deeper in your faith
Like fertilizer on plants, our Grow events extend our roots into God’s Word and improve the health of our lives. These events help people to go deeper in their faith, learn more about Lord, and take another step into discipleship.


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Serve your community
Like worker ants, disciples work hard for the greater community. We realize that we are yoked to one another and we depend on each other for the continued vitality of our community. Serve events are opportunities to help participate in the life of St. John’s.


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Share your story with others
Like an EMT sent by dispatch, we go where He calls us and we love our neighbors and strangers by serving them in His love. Go events are invitations to get your faith dirty by rolling up your sleeves, by sharing your story, and by connecting with people.


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There are dozens of Ministries at St. Johns to explore. Browse through them above and click on a few to find out more.

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