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The Gospel lesson for the first Sunday in Lent  (Matthew 4:1-11) sets the tone for our Lenten journey together. Just as Jesus needed time in the wilderness, so too did Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Elijah, David, Jonah, the people of Israel, Paul, and John the Baptist.  Perhaps the most infamous was the need that  Moses had for 40 years in the desert: a time of rest, repentance, equipping, wandering, learning to listen and to follow God, and the rescue of his people.  This time in the wilderness was critical to the mission.  God’s principle shows us: “Before we go out, we must come in.”  So we see how the Lord brought Moses into the secret place of communion with himself prior to sending him out to Israel and Pharaoh.  The Lord has a training school.  He says, ‘Come into my presence.’ Satan will, of course always seek to reverse the procedure, reminding us all the time of the needs of the world and of the desperate necessity to get on with the work…But the Lord says, ‘No, come and stand with me for a bit.  Come and listen to me.’ Service begins in the presence of the Lord, spending time alone with God.”  And now we approach a new exodus.  The fulfillment and ultimate rescue of the people of God.

We invite you to join us each Wednesday during Lent for a mid-week worship service, as we turn our focus to both Luther’s large and small catechism – going “back to the basics.”  A traditional service is held both at Noon and 6:15 pm in our sanctuary.  During this time of Lenten fasting and renewal, may we truly find refuge in God’s Word, sustaining us in the desert as we are sent out.

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