It begins with ashes on our foreheads.  It ends at the foot of an empty cross and before a tomb with a stone that has been rolled away. The time between is in invitation to grow and reflect upon how God is at work in our lives. It is a time of preparation; a time of equipping. The disciplines of Lent support our growth toward maturity in Christ Jesus.   The rhythm of Lent includes our Sunday Worship and our Wednesday worship services. This space will provide further tools. Like marks on a path through the woods–you are free to go your own way. Explore and experience God’s restoration throughout this season. But, in case you get lost, come and find us here. Let us help point you the right direction.  Interested in joining the FaithWeb Family at St. John’s in our Lenten journey with the NALC devotional?  For details – I Am God – You are my People.