Join us for our “Go Out From Shore” Events!


On the weekends of February 10 and 17, our pastors introduced the theme of: “putting out into the deep water with Jesus” from Luke 5:1-11.  This theme will be framing our church activities at St. John’s into June of 2021.

We are encouraging members of St. John’s to form small groups of two to six people who will explore different faith topics together.  Please try to avoid partnering with your spouse (and we also recommend that men partner with men and women partner with women).  Start asking people to partner with you today!

The goal is simple: meet with your partner(s) on average once per week for about a half an hour and go over a few faith challenge questions together (for example – at a coffee shop).  We’ll have a large group meetings every two months to help tie everything together and to introduce the next topic.

The small groups can be fluid: you could find different partners for each new topic every two months, or you can stick together with the same partner(s) through multiple topics.  The main rule of the small groups is that we keep our sharing confidential.  If you have trouble finding a group, just tell a pastor, and they will give you options.  (For example, Our pastors will be facilitating small groups on Sunday mornings during the Sunday school hour.). You can be very flexible about your involvement in the initiative.

Today, start thinking about the person (or group of people) you would like to partner with for our first topic from March 17 – May 12: Into Deeper Water with Our Spiritual Gifts.  We’ll be having our first “Go Out From Shore” large group Sunday night meetings at 6:30 pm on the evenings of March 17 and 24, where we will talk about Spiritual Gifts and distribute the small group materials.  If you can’t make one of the “Go Out From Shore” meetings, don’t worry, just let one of the pastors know!

Jesus tells his disciples, “put out into the deep water and let down your nets.” We are confident that everyone who is ready to stretch themselves and follow Jesus into deeper water in various areas of their lives through this initiative will experience an amazing “catch.”  Our nets will overflow.  Please pray for this initiative and join us!

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