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In the last 9 months, have you noticed God stirring your heart? Does it feel like something has changed? We have had an intentional focus on what it means to be a “Doorholder” in the kingdom of God, and especially here at St. John’s Lutheran Church.  During the 10.45 am worship service, we have been experimenting what it might look like to live into this. As we also proclaim that “Faith is Made Whole in Community,” we have been practicing an extended “passing of the peace.” Each Sunday, we have paused to actually take a moment to talk to each other. While it seems like a simple and obvious practice, we realized that it is incredibly easy to have a drive-thru moment. To not really take time to talk to each other, to know the person sitting beside you in worship. Because of this – everything has changed.

The problem? Five minutes isn’t enough. We can’t just get it done in Sunday morning worship.

To that end, we would like to extend an invitation – and a challenge. To those who feel as if God has been stirring their hearts. To those who are hungry for more. To those who are curious. To those who are hurting. To those who feel alone. To those who are wrestling with God, faith, and questions that may seem unanswerable. We invite you to Community in the Word. For seven weeks, we will gather each Sunday morning. Bring your breakfast or coffee and join us from 9:30 – 10:30 am for Bible study. Informal. Low maintenance. Child care is provided for those kids who aren’t in Sunday School. But we do ask that you read the Bible text in advance – so that the Spirit of God can begin to stir up questions, thoughts, ideas and your heart.

We realize that everyone is incredibly busy. Overbooked and overworked. But we believe that God is up to something. And perhaps if we pause just long enough to sit in his Word and with each other – that we will find great rest. This isn’t forever – we’re just asking you to consider making this commitment for six weeks.

Come as you are. Faith is Made Whole in Community. What if we dared to live as though this is true?