As we journey through the Gospel of Mark, we continue to dig deep into mindset of the first disciples, following the witness of Peter. Peter was known to be a man of action. Acting first, and thinking later. Seeing the life of Jesus through the eyes of one of his closest friends, his disciple, aids us on our journey together. Following Jesus as He heals, teaches, prays, lives every day life.

Jesus walks the road to the cross.  And so too do we – dying to self day after day after day. Following Jesus has a cost.  It costs time, can cause us to change priorities and ideologies, causes a shift in what we value, and sometimes can even cost us relationships.

Ultimately this gift of forgiveness and grace cost Jesus His own life.  And we can’t get to the empty tomb, unless we are covered in the dust of Jesus.  Unless we follow Him on His journey to the cross. To learn to think like he thinks, react like he reacts, love like he loves.  Perhaps then can we begin to understand our identity as His beloved.


As we journey together this summer, we are fortunate to have a series of special guests to help us focus & dive deeper on this topic in the Contemporary Worship Service (FLC) – 

June 17th – Pastor Jeff Morlock, NALC Mission District Dean

June 24th – Adventure Camp (No Contemporary Worship or CITW)

July 1st – Laurie Pecuch, Celebration of Adventure Camp & Children’s Church

July 8th – Gary Pecuch

July 15th – Pastor Jeff Morlock, Celebration of Vacation Bible School

July 22nd – Jesse Schroeder