As we journey through this Easter season, we see how the very first Passover finds its fulfillment as Jesus institutes the Lord’s Supper and as Christ Himself becomes our Passover Lamb.  “God rescues us from the dominion of darkness and brings us into the Kingdom of the Son He loves, in whom there is the redemption and forgiveness of sin.”  -Colossians 1:13-14

This journey between Passover and Pentecost was also originally celebrated by God’s People.  The Exodus brought redemption and freedom.  But freedom for what?  As God’s people were led by His own hand through the dessert, Pentecost was first celebrated after fifty days when God gave His people the Torah, His Word.

In this New Exodus, we have been set free from slavery.   But after spending so many years in captivity, we don’t know how to live.  We have the same challenge the Israelites did.   The fulfillment of Pentecost is God giving His Spirit to live in us.  We were both freed from and now freed for….

During the Easter season, we will be focusing on the Gospel stories of how the first disciples leaned into their identity, so we can learn to lean into ours and grow deeper in relationship as the Called, the Chosen, the Beloved, Children of the King.


Special Events in April:

April 15th at 10:45 AM Worship – Sole Hope Blessing 

April 15th at Noon in the FLC – Community At The Table

April 21st at 6 PM Worship- Call Team Update

April 22nd at 8:15 and 11 AM Worship (No Contemporary Worship) – Call Team Update & Potluck

April 22nd at 3 pm – Oromo Evangelical Church in Columbus Dedication & Celebration

April 29th at Noon – Congregational Meeting