Encounter – First Century Disciples in the 21st Century

Every Sunday at 10:45 AM in the FLC


What does it mean to be a disciple? In the first century, it was the tradition of disciples to literally follow their rabbi every where.  Eating, drinking, studying, sleeping, learning, going to the bathroom, spending time with family.  How did your master react in any and all situations?  Learning through doing.  Learning through being.  Being a disciple was about a relationship.  Unless you were covered in the dust of your rabbi…  We can’t truly understand our own identity and make plans for the future, until we understand where we’ve come from.

As St. John’s Lutheran Church in Grove City continues to embrace the vision of being disciples who make disciples who make disciples…  Join us as we take a hands-on, family friendly approach to understanding what it is to be a disciple of Jesus.  Not that our plan is to encounter God’s Word, but rather that God’s Word might encounter us as we journey together –  covered in the dust of the One who walks the road to Calvary, defeats sin and death, declares victory through the empty tomb, and calls us to life together with the great cloud of witnesses.


*As shared in worship on August 20th – for full screen mode, please click the Youtube icon.