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Janet Wittenberg shares a portion of the story of her time in Durham, NC. Her and her husband, Pastor Virgil Wittenberg, were instrumental players in helping a community find a faithful and peaceful way forward in the immediate aftermath of the desegregation ruling. They lived in the heart of the black community and served at a black church. They opened their homes and their lives. Because of their ministry and their hearts they became a bridge between the two tension laden groups. Through prayer and fostering strategic relationships a peaceful way forward was found. May we be inspired to do the same today.

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Pastor Scott Ness

Pastor Scott Ness loves stories and finding ways to use ordinary, everyday life to point to our amazing God. He strives to see with eyes of faith. He fails consistently. Through it all, God remains faithful and full of grace. When Pastor Scott isn't running around the church he is often found at home with his wife, Deanna and their six children.