Hey church. The contemporary worship team alongside Pastor Seth would like to update everyone as to the upgrades that have been made in the Family Life Center as well as a vision for the Contemporary worship service.

Starting with the upgrades to the sound system. Thanks to the financial gifts given to this project as well as the prayers and support we have been able to upgrade some of our aged equipment and fix other equipment that was in need of repair. We were able to replace 2 of our older speaker at the front of the stage with new speakers positioned in a way that they can be heard more clearly throughout the FLC. By doing that we were able to reuse the old speakers and place them at the halfway point of the FLC. This will allow folks sitting more to the rear of the FLC the ability to hear just as well as if they were sitting towards the front. Doing this will not only benefit the contemporary service but the multitude of events held in this room. Finally we were able to upgrade some microphones not only for the worship team but also for the pastors and any speaker for an outside event.

Moving to an outlook for the contemporary service. As you have noticed if you have attended a contemporary service within the past couple of years, the seating arrangement has been shifted quite a bit. The original reason for this shift was to move the focus of the service from the band and it feeling like a “show” to focusing on the altar and the reason we worship. The arrangement has shifted a couple times since the original shift mainly due to technical difficulties with projectors failing. With that being said the worship team alongside the pastors are working to move the orientation back to facing the stage. Moving back this way we believe will be beneficial by having both the pastor and worship leader to be in front and be visible to better lead songs and worship. This move will also be beneficial in hearing with the new sound upgrades.

In order for this move to happen, we need help from the congregation. Mostly help in the sound and projection areas. We could use some folks willing to be put into a scheduled rotation to help alleviate the pressure on not only the worship team but also the couple folks helping already. No experience is required. I know the sound board slides looks daunting but they are really very user friendly. It may not seem like much but these positions are pivotal in the future of this service. If you have any interest in these positions or being a part of the contemporary service in any other capacity please feel free to contact Pastor Seth, Nick Grossman or David Shrum.

Thanks again for your support of the contemporary service and the FLC. We are excited for what the Holy Spirit has in store for St. John’s as a whole to help grow the kingdom.

-The Contemporary Worship Team