I rode my bike around the block at least 6 times. I was trying to work up the nerve to go knock on the door. A new family had moved inot the neighborhood and they had a boy my age. I chickened out. I had to get my mom to come with me. Matt and I became fast friends after that first meeting—it just took getting over those initial nerves.

We get it. The church is often the same way. Mom isn’t always around to help you through the nerves. It can be intimidating and scary to enter a new church. We get that—so we try to help you by lifting up our ‘connect’ events. These are gatherings that are a great place for people to wade into the water of St. John’s. We don’t have connect events—instead we tag or label those events where connections to St. John’s are easy to make and to strengthen relationships.

If you are looking for a gathering of people that welcomes guests, doesn’t demand prior knowledge (or at least you can pick it up by watching others) and will take you one step further in building relationships—then search for events that are tagged ‘connect.’

Click here to search for Connect Events

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Pastor Scott Ness

Pastor Scott Ness loves stories and finding ways to use ordinary, everyday life to point to our amazing God. He strives to see with eyes of faith. He fails consistently. Through it all, God remains faithful and full of grace. When Pastor Scott isn't running around the church he is often found at home with his wife, Deanna and their six children.