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Join us on Sunday, June 4th in the Family Life Center (Gym) to gather together for an informal time of community, food, and fun. A chance to connect, continue conversations, and let the kids run around and play together!

Practically speaking – if you could please RSVP so we know how much food to order by 10 am on Sunday morning. We simply ask that people donate a few dollars each to cover the cost of what their family eats on Sunday.

Why Gather? Len Sweet, in his book “Tablet to Table,” writes: “The story of God is full of references to food. From the Garden of Eden to the Last Supper to the wedding feast of the Lamb, God sets a table before us and invites us to join Him there. Contrast this rich and filling good news with the thin and meager fare to which we’ve become accustomed to in our relationships, in our churches, and even in our families. We consume fast food in front of our smartphones, never facing each other, barely acknowledging the existence of one another. We consume bite-size Scriptures and reduce our world so that we can move through it quickly without being distracted by the activities that surround us. It’s time to look up from our tablets and notice our neighbors, our loved ones, our Lord.” Join us at the table!

For more information, please see the St. John’s Facebook Page

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