As St. John’s Lutheran Church in Grove City continues to embrace the vision of being disciples who make disciples who make disciples… Join us as we take a hands-on, family friendly approach to understanding what it is to be a disciple of Jesus.
At St. John’s, we focus on FAITHWEBBING – Jesus’ middle name is ‘with.’ Emmanuel is truly “God With Us.”  He cares enough about you to step down into humanity to be with you and with us.  And, He cares about how we relate to one another. Faith Webbing is our intentional approach toward building relationships.  It crosses generations.  It pours life into others.  It helps faith to stick.
But we also know that adults learn differently than some of our little people.  Join us for this experiment on the first Sunday of each month at Encounter (10.45 AM Contemporary Worship in the FLC).  A chance for adults to listen -uninterrupted- to a sermon or Bible study, and for kids to head to “Children’s Church” during the “adult” sermon time for: music, a Bible lesson that meets them on their level, a snack, and fun led by the trained leaders of worship and Adventure Club.  It’s important for us to have our families worshiping together, so children will be back in worship to join their families as soon as the sermon concludes in time for the Lord’s Supper.
Our hope and prayer is that God’s Word might encounter us as we journey together- covered in the dust of the One who walks the road to Calvary, defeats sin and death, declares victory through the empty tomb, and calls us to life together with the great cloud of witnesses.
For more information – please see our Facebook Event.
*For those families who are not interested – please know there will be no pressure and Children’s Church is not a “mandatory” part of worship. It’s simply an option being made available to parents and families as a response to articulated needs of our community.