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The chief objective of the LSS Auxiliaries, known as the Beacons, is Christian action through love and concern. We try to help the less for- tunate by showing God’s love and our understanding of their situations. We aid in helping to feed the hungry, clothe the needy and provide safe shelter for the homeless and victims of domestic violence.

Choices, the shelter for victims of domestic violence, has many top needs. Usually, the victims of domestic violence and their children and sometimes pets, leave their homes with few of their necessities. They leave quickly and cannot manage box- es, bags or luggage. Sometimes, they leave in the middle of the night. Some of top needs of Choices are the following: PULL UP diapers (large sizes), towels, women’s deodorant, women’s new underwear (all sizes), feminine hygiene products, and bedding (twin sheets, blankets and new pillows). Gift cards from grocery stores, gas stations, Lowes/Home De- pot, COTA daily bus passes, fast food restaurants, Wal-Mart, Meijer, Kohl’s, and Target are always appreciated. Many food products are on their top needs list. They need: canned fruit and vegetable, canned meats, chunky soups, snacks (especially kid-friendly snacks), juices, pasta sauce and sauce mixes, pasta of various shapes and sizes, sugar, coffee, cof- fee creamer and condiments. Please check the expiration dates. Expired food cannot be used. Choices cannot accept car seats, furniture, mattresses, used clothing or used toilet- ries. Please place your donations in the Beacons cabinet in the Link. Please write “Choices” on your donations. Thank you for caring.

The Beacons collect and recycle just about anything except decorative pieces and large, heavy items. We sort and donate used clothing. The card fronts are given to the Cancer Thrift Store on Stringtown. The cancelled stamps go to the Wounded Soldier project at two military hospitals in Virginia. Some of the towels, wrapped soap, cat litter buckets, used Bi- bles and other hygiene products go to LSS Disaster Services. Place your donation in the Beacons cabinet in the Link. Please write “Disaster Services” on your donations. Thank you for your donations.

The Beacons and Quilters welcome visitors. The Quilters meet every Tuesday from 9am to 2pm in rooms 103-104. The Beacons meet with the Quilters on the third Tuesday to sort and bag clothes, cut and sort labels and stamps, and help with projects. You may cut squares, arrange the squares, tie knots or pin a hem. We always need someone to sort the donated material and items. All materials are provided. We bring a packed lunch. At the Beacons’ meeting, we take offerings to help support the food pantries and our general fund.

Lord, give me the Christian love and understanding to not judge others. Amen.

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